Patio Doors

patio-doorsNatural lighting can improve your mood and brighten your home.   Furthermore,  allowing more natural light into your home will reduce the amount of electricity needed to light your home.  Patio doors installed by Ameri-Dry Home Services® allow you and your family to let the light in and enjoy the full effect of your home.  There are two main types of patio doors and deciding which option is best for your home can be a simple task with the help of Ameri-Dry Home Services®.





Swinging Patio Doors:

Swinging patio doors function in the conventional manner of swinging outward to open.  This type of patio door is installed to open inward or outward and not get in the way of any home furnishings.  This can open up 28 sq. feet in your home!  French doors are the most common hinged patio door and come in two main styles; full glass and grilles (which add beautiful light separation).  Swinging doors can even be installed to replace your current sliding door if needed.

Sliding Patio Doors:

For homes where space is an issue, inside and out, sliding patio door installation is the solution.  These sliding glass doors are made mostly of large glass panes and slide over one another as opposed to swinging in or out when opened.  Ameri-Dry Home Services® can safely and easily install sliding doors where a traditional hinged door once was.  This fact makes sliding patio doors a wonderful choice for the homeowner looking maximize their space and let the most light shine though with their remodel.

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