Security Doors

When it comes to your family or business, protection and piece-of-mind are priceless.  Security doors provide your family or business an added layer of protection.  In addition to their superior protection, installing a security door can add an aesthetic appeal to your home.  Let’s do a quick rundown of the benefits you can take advantage of by installing security doors:

  • Superior protection against burglaries
  • Piece-of-mind
  • Can appear to be a normal door
  • Can be beautiful and add aesthetic appeal

Types of Security Doors –

For security door installation there are two main types to choose from; iron and steel.  Deciding which one is right for you is a simple task with the help of our expert security door installers.

Steel Security Doors


Steel doors are a great entry door option for many Ameri-Dry Home Services® customers.  They extremely cost effective; It has been documented that the home value return on a steel entry door is 102%, translating to a very wise investment choice.   Steel entry doors are also air tight adding an insulation factor to your purchase.    These doors can be painted to match any home color schemes.





Iron Security Doors


Iron security doors are constructed of wrought iron and tempered safety glass.  The iron bars of modern security doors less resemble a prison, and more resemble decoration.  The bars can be manipulated to display a number of striking, or subtle, images adding a beautiful and safe aesthetic quality to your home.  Iron security doors are typically more pricey than their steel companions.

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