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Your roof is your home’s first line of defense against the elements. Rain, wind, heat, hail, you name it. Your roof helps prevents these naturally occurring elements from damaging the rest of your home. When your roof is on its last legs, you don’t need subpar contractors to come and work on it, you need to get the best roofers around. That is where we come in. At Ameri-Dry our expert roofing professional take pride in ensuring that your home has the best roof possible. We have over 40+ years of experience when it comes to roofing, so trust us when we say that no job is too tough for us.
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But, what makes us the best roofers in Columbia MD is not just our decades of experience, but our dedication to keeping up with the latest in roofing techniques and using the finest materials available. Because we are part of the small group of roofing companies that is GAF Master Elite certified, our roofers undergo regular training where they are kept up to date on all the latest and best roofing techniques.

We only use the finest, name brand materials when doing your roofs. You can rest easy knowing that when our roofing contractors are done, that your new roof will last for at least 50 years, if not more. It doesn’t matter what hits your roof, whether it be rain, extreme heat, or even extreme winds, our roofs can handle anything that nature can throw at it. As an added bonus, we have a very generous warranty, meaning that you get one extra layer of protection.

While we may be a locally operated company that services Columbia MD Howard County, we are also associated with a strong, national company that services both everywhere from Tennessee to Pennsylvania. So, go ahead and contact our local office to start the process of getting a brand new roof installed. Before you know it, you will have a new roof that will last you a lifetime!

What’s killing my roof?
Most people out there don’t seem to understand just how much damage is done to your roofs on a daily basis. Every day that goes by, something chips away at your roof. You may not notice it, but your roof is almost always taking damage from a variety of places. In a typical day, there at least four things that can damage your roof:

Rain, hail, and other inclement weather. One of the biggest dangers to any roof is inclement weather like rain. The physical force of the rain or hail can actually strip shingles off a roof; at the very least, it makes the shingles weaker and more prone to falling off. Rain and snow bring an added problem, which is moisture. The moisture seeps into your roof and can cause numerous problems.

Severe Wind. Normal wind is fine, but severe winds can cause massive damage to your roof. The winds can weaken shingles, nails, and other materials that are used to keep the roof intact.

Tree branches. Tree branches are one of the most causes of roof damage. Overhanging branches can scratch or otherwise damage roof shingles.

Animals. Small animals, particularly birds and rodents, can actually cause noticeable damage to roof shingles.

I know all that can sound scary to homeowners, but there is no need to fear because our roofs can handle all that and more. Because of the high-quality materials and shingles we use, we don’t have to worry about Mother Nature. You can rest easy knowing that your Ameri-Dry Home Services is safe from wind, rain, and anything else that would damage other roofs.

Why a damaged/old roof is unsafe for you and your family

Many homeowners have made the mistake of not getting their roofs fixed right away. We can’t stress enough how big of a mistake this is. A roof that isn’t 100% secure is a roof that is dangerous. Here are just a few of the many bad things that can happen if a damaged roof isn’t replaced in a timely fashion.

Mold. One of the most dangerous things about a damaged roof is how it can cause a toxic mold infestation. If even a little bit of moisture is allowed to seep into your home’s attic, then you could end up with a serious mold infestation. Mold is both incredibly toxic to your family and expensive to get rid of.

Structural Damage. The moisture that gets in through your damaged roof can lead to structural damage in the upper parts of your home. Structural damage can be a big headache, not only will it cost you a lot of money to repair, but in some cases, it can even lead to injury.

Decreased home value. If you want to try to sell your home or if you care about your property value, then having a damaged roof is a major problem. Nothing will scare away potential buyers faster than telling them that your home needs the roof repaired.

Possibility of collapse. One of the biggest dangers of having a damaged roof is the possibility that it will collapse. This is not a common occurrence, but when your family’s safety and peace of mind are at stake, why take the risk?

But, thankfully with Ameri-Dry Home Services Columbia MD, you don’t have to worry about any of this. The moment you think something is wrong with your roof just give us a call. Our expert roofing contractors will be able to easily diagnose the problems with your roof and begin replacing your roof. We understand life is stressful enough without having to worry about mold, structural damage, or any of the other problems that may occur because of a damaged roof. As we mentioned earlier, our shingles and workmanship are meant to last you a lifetime. So, you never have to worry about any of these problems coming back to inconvenience you and your family. Stop worrying, and give us a call, you won’t be disappointed.

Ameri-Dry Home roofing professionals can quickly identify if a roof needs replacement in Howard County

We understand that not everyone can recognize all the warning signs that their roof is on its last legs, but thankfully, you don’t have to. Our expert contractors have decades of combined experience and will be able to quickly determine if your roof needs to be replaced. There are a lot of roofing companies out there, but none can catch the warning signs of a damaged roof as quickly as we can. These are just some of the many telltale signs that our roofing professionals know to look for when inspecting your roof:

Cracked or curled shingles. As shingles begin to near the end of their lifespan, the edges of the shingle begin to curl away from the roof. This is a clear sign that your roof will need to be replaced in the near future, if not immediately.

Your shingles have bare spots. As a combination of age and the elements wears out your shingles, the granules on them begin to fall off. This leaves bare spots on the shingles; and, the granules often pile up in your gutters.

A spongy feel when walking on the roof. A roof should be solid and not have any give, so if a contractor walks on a roof and notices that certain areas feel spongy, it is a clear sign that moisture has compromised the area under the roof.

The roof looks worn. A worn-looking roof is a great indicator that it needs to be replaced. Sadly, many other roofing companies only build their roofs to last a maximum of 20-years. Once the roofs pass the 20-year mark, they decay rapidly.

Using these indicators, our contractors should be able to easily diagnose whether you need a roof replacement or not. When it comes to diagnosing problems with your roof, you want accuracy and speed, so why would you trust one of those other roofing companies when you can use Ameri-Dry, the best roofers in Columbia MD. With other companies the process can be long and cumbersome, but not with Ameri-Dry Home Services. All you need to do is pick up the phone, give us a call, and we will have a technician come out and quickly diagnose what is wrong with your roof and answer any questions that you may have.

Reasons to invest in a new roof
There are a lot of reasons why you, as a homeowner, should replace your roof. We have already covered how your roof is your home’s first line of defense against the elements. But, using Ameri-Dry’s roofing services gives you more than just peace of mind:
Better energy efficiency. Ameri-Dry’s roofs help to keep your home insulated. This means that your home is easier to keep cool during those hot summers. This is not only better for the environment, but it will also save you some money on your monthly energy bills!

A chance to pick the roof look that you want. Most homeowners don’t get a chance to pick what their roof will look like. By getting a roof replacement, you can finally get a say. You can pick the style of roof that you like the best. Your home’s value will go up. Getting a brand new roof installed will result in a noticeable increase in your home’s value, which is essential if you are planning on selling.

These are just some of the extra benefits that come with getting a roof replacement. If you want to know even more benefits, call our office. We will gladly send someone out who can give you a full breakdown of all the benefits that you get when you invest in an Ameri-Dry Home Services.

Why to choose Ameri-Dry Roofing Services over other roofers in Columbia MD?

We appreciate that there are many other roofing companies to choose from, but if you want the absolute best roofers in Columbia MD, then you need to go with us. Still not enough to convince you? Here is a list of all the reasons why you should have Ameri-Dry handle all your roofing needs:

A blend of quality and efficiency. Our roofing professionals provide a level of service that is unmatched by any other local roofers.

Hassle free consultation. Scheduling an appointment is simple. Just call and we send out a contractor to examine your roof. We even have an easy to use request form that you can fill out online. When you go with Ameri-Dry, there is no hassle and there is no stress.

Extensive warranty protection. At Ameri-Dry Home Services, we pride ourselves on our extensive warranty coverage.

A proactive maintenance plan. Unlike some other roofing companies, we don’t leave you high and dry after installing your roof. We provide constant post-installation support. No matter what season it is, you can count on us to provide maintenance for your roof.

GAF Master Elite status. There is no surer sign of quality for a roofer than being part of the 3% of roofing contractors that have earned this prestigious status. It is a sign of quality and a dedication to doing the best roofing job possible.

Give us a call for a free roof inspection and estimate in Columbia MD!

There is no reason to hesitate, just pick up the phone and give our office a call. Before you know it, you will be talking with one of our many knowledgeable contractors, who will give you all the information that you need. It is easy and it will only take a couple minutes, so why not do it today? Become yet another in the long line of satisfied customers who are glad that they took the time to call us at (800) 580-1964.

Your roof is important, we have stressed that time and time again. You absolutely cannot afford to let other roofing contractors handle such an important part of your home. You and your family deserve the best in the business, you deserve Ameri-Dry Home Services.